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In this section, you’ll find fascinating behind-the-scenes extras for all the books in every one of my series: Fire Maidens, Aloha Shifters, The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, Blue Moon Saloon, Shifters in Vegas, and the Serendipity Adventure series, as well as Veiled Fantasies and other titles in my upcoming travel romance series. That includes notes on the inspiration for stories & characters, scenes that changed between the first draft and final manuscript, and a list of my favorite scenes for each story. There are also fun extras like puzzles, recipes, family trees, and other exclusive material I’m sure you’ll ...

Heading to Europe with FIRE MAIDENS!

Why did I decide to set my new series in a whole new part of the world? Well, I love reading, writing, and travel, so it makes sense that setting plays a key role in all my stories. That’s true of my series set in the Desert Southwest (Twin Moon, Blue Moon Saloon, and Shifters in Vegas, all inspired from the time I spent living and working on an Arizona ranch) as well as my two Aloha Shifters series (inspired by Magnum, PI and months of exploring the Hawaiian islands). As I was thinking ahead to what to write next, ...

Fire Maidens: cover design process

With your help, I recently decided on the locations of the next few books in my FIRE MAIDENS series, which I’ve decided to extend to nine books. Now I’ve made this video to share the cover design process with you. I hope you find it interesting!

On location - Fire Maidens: Paris

Join author Anna Lowe on location as she brings you to places that inspired story locations in Fire Maidens: Paris. Learn how wandering around a city can yield great new ideas - and details on locations that make you feel like you’re exploring alongside the hero and heroine. See & hear all about Tristan’s penthouse apartment, the Guardians’ villa, and much more!

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Paris

So, how did I ever come up with a dragon shifter love story set in Paris, complete with vampires, gargoyles, and cunning wolves? How does the Foreign Legion fit in? And what exactly is a Fire Maiden? You’ll find out all that and more here as I go behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Paris.

The characters

I love me a hero from the wrong side of the tracks, which fits Tristan in many ways. Most dragon shifters mate for life, but his parents split up, and he grew up with an absentee father and a quirky mother who ...

On location - Fire Maidens: London

Visit London with Anna to see the real-life places that inspired story locations in Fire Maidens: London. Learn how planning and serendipity come together to help an author brainstorm and find details that bring a story to life. See & hear all about the inspiration for London’s complex shifter politics, off-the-beaten track locations used as story settings, and much more!

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: London

Did you ever wonder where did the idea for this fun, action-packed lion shifter story came from? Read on to learn the interesting story behind Fire Maidens: London!

The characters

Sometimes, when I write a book, the characters are fully formed in my head - their personalities, backstories, and goals. Other times, I only have a rough idea and end up discovering more about them as the action unfolds. Fire Maidens: London was actually a mixture of both. I thought I knew Liam and Gemma perfectly, but ended up being surprised by what they revealed to me as I ...

On location - Fire Maidens: Rome

Travel to Rome with author Anna Lowe to see the places that inspired story locations in Fire Maidens: Rome, from famous sights to off-the-beaten track-locations that give the story its authenticity and rich flavor.

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Rome

A wolf shifter striving for redemption and a woman turning into a shifter. How exactly did this story come about? Read more here for a behind the scenes look at the “making of” Fire Maidens: Rome!

The story & characters

Fire Maidens: Rome is unique among my books since it starts off with a heroine who is thrust into the shifter world when she unexpectedly begins shifting. I really wanted to start the story off with a bang, and a morning stroll through Rome’s Villa Pamphili park made a lightbulb go off over my head. From that initial idea, ...

On location - Fire Maidens: Portugal

Join author Anna Lowe on location as she brings you to places that inspired story locations in Fire Maidens: Portugal. Learn how the story expanded from being based entirely in lovely Lisbon to hopping over to gorgeous Madeira, and how exploring new places with an open mind can yield great new ideas and details on locations that make you feel like you’re there. See & hear all about Marco’s stunning homes in Lisbon and on Madeira, as well as the development of the opening scene, the Guardians’ headquarters, and much more!

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Portugal

Why Portugal? And why send my dragons all the way to the remote island of Madeira? Read on to discover the story behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Portugal!

The story

I had a lot of fun getting Marco and Laura, the hero and heroine of this story together. Fire Maidens: Portugal has elements of an “opposites attract” or “enemies to lovers” story, so Marco and Laura don’t exactly have an auspicious start. Poor Marco has been so burned by love in the past that he’s wary of all women – and he’s especially snippy to Laura because ...

On location - Fire Maidens: Ireland

Join author Anna Lowe on location as she brings you to places that inspired story locations in FIRE MAIDENS: IRELAND. Learn how the story developed from an initial idea to the final product and what real-life places (and objects) inspired the settings!

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Ireland

Dragons, giant elk, and magical harps. How on earth did that combination come about? It’s fascinating to look back and see how it all developed - even for me, the author! Read on to find out how it all came together in Fire Maidens: Ireland.

On Location in Ireland

Usually, characters come to me first and I base the plot around those key elements. In my stories, setting is always a character in itself, driving the action, mood, and pace of the story. That’s especially true of his book, so I’ll start with that today.

Originally, I was thinking ...

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Scotland

Dragons, unicorns, selkie shifters, and more. How exactly did all those elements come together in Fire Maidens: Scotland? Well, some aspects of this story were already set up in the previous book of the series (Fire Maidens: Ireland) which introduced Lachlan and concluded with the imprisonment of Enzo Lombardi in Scotland. Other parts of the story were inspired by a research trip to Scotland. Meanwhile, other aspects of the story jumped out of my imagination. Read on to find out how it all came together in this book!

The characters

Very early in the making of this series, ...

On location - Fire Maidens: Venice

Join Anna on location in Venice as she researches places & details for Fire Maidens: Venice (Book 7 in the Billionaires & Bodyguards series)! You’ll find out what aspects of a research trip she plans ahead of time, how she opens the door for unique insights into local culture/flavor, and how she lets serendipity lead her to unexpected, idea-inspiring surprises along the way.

Fire Maidens: Venice is Book 7 in the Billionaires & Bodyguards series.

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Venice

Fire Maidens: Venice - carneval, canals, and cunning enemies. Come have a look behind the scenes: the inspiration for the story, the amazing setting, and much more!

The story

Fire Maidens: Venice was originally a redemption story focused on Tony as an unjustly accused man returning home to clear his name. But the more I got to know Cara, the more it turned into a bodyguard story – with a huge twist since Cara becomes a bodyguard! I love that Cara is tough and skilled enough to become a bodyguard in her own right, and I love the idea ...

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Greece

Shifters, magic, and mythology in the Greek islands. Come have a look behind the scenes! I had a great time re-visiting Greece (at least in my memories) while plotting and writing this book. Read on to learn about the inspiration and making of Fire Maidens: Greece!

The characters

Dragon shifter Theo is a character you got to know in Fire Maidens: Venice, where he was a reliable, honor-driven friend to Tony. But Theo wasn’t always that way, and Fire Maidens: Greece explains why he’s so determined to prove he’s turned over a new leaf. I definitely have ...

On location - Fire Maidens: Switzerland

Join author Anna Lowe on location as she brings you to places that inspired story locations in Fire Maidens: Switzerland. You’ll see them all: spectacular locations from lakeside Zurich to Alpine chalets and mighty glaciers!

Behind the scenes of Fire Maidens: Switzerland

Dragon, demons, and destined mates… read all about the making of Fire Maidens: Switzerland (Billionaires & Bodyguards, Book 9) here. You’ll learn about the characters, inspiration for the story, the real-life settings featured in the story, and much more!

The characters

The hero and heroine of this book have been waiting to tell their stories for quite some time. Claudia, the Fire Maiden of Switzerland, was first mentioned in Fire Maidens: Ireland (Book 5) as the latest in the only unbroken family line of Fire Maidens in Europe. Even then, she was described as fiercely independent and carefully ...

Fun & Games - Fire Maidens

Today I have some fun games for you, all based on the FIRE MAIDENS theme. Enjoy!

First, you can try this memory game, featuring covers from the entire Fire Maidens series. How many pairs can you find and in how much time?

Second, puzzles - always lots of fun! There are currently three you can choose from: a Fire Maidens: Paris cover puzzle, a beautiful Paris banner puzzle, and this awesome Fire Maidens: London puzzle. Remember, you can make these puzzles as hard or as easy as you want. Just go to the upper right ...

The inspiration for the Aloha Shifters series

So, where exactly does the idea of a shifter series set in Hawaii come from? And what about those jewels? Read on for a behind the scenes look at ALOHA SHIFTERS!

The premise

You can date a person by the television shows they grew up with, I think. For me, that means back in the day when you parked yourself in front of the TV at a certain time every week because the show was airing then and only then (no video recorders, no Youtube, no DVDs with entire seasons of your favorite shows - remember those days?). One of ...

Behind the scenes: Lure of the Dragon

How exactly does a woman on the run from one dragon fall in love with another? Find out all about the making of Lure of the Dragon here!

The characters

A few years ago, I met a woman at a picnic who worked as a private chef - a job I had no idea existed until then. It was such an interesting, off-beat job, I knew it was perfect for the heroine of this story - and not just because she has to draw the attention of the evil Damien Morgan, the villain of this story. Being a chef ...

Behind the scenes: Lure of the Wolf

Lure of the Wolf was one of those stories that just flowed, almost telling itself. I felt more like a scribe taking dictation than an author at times! However, it did take a while to set up the foundation of the story in the first place. Find out about the inspiration and look behind the scenes of Lure of the Wolf here!

The story

I always wanted to do an amnesia story so that was one of the earliest concepts in place when I started outlining the Aloha Shifters series a year ago. In fact, this originally going ...

Behind the scenes: Lure of the Bear

A bear shifter and a policewoman - how did those two end up as destined mates? Find out all about the inspiration for Lure of the Bear here!

The characters

Hunter and Dawn both appear in the first two books of the series, and each time they cross paths, a heavy undercurrent of passion lights up the scene. Well, they finally get their own story in Lure of the Bear!

An interesting character has a lot of contrasts, which was one reason I made big, burly Hunter tough yet sensitive inside. Another reason is that I just love gentle ...

Behind the scenes: Lure of the Tiger

You’ve come to the right place to peek behind the scenes of Lure of the Tiger! You’ll hear about character inspiration, how the story developed, my favorite scenes, and more below.

The story

Lure of the Tiger is a story that evolved over a long time. From the very beginning, I wanted to write a “woman as bait” story, but it took me a while to puzzle out exactly what and how. Once I brought Jody into contact with Cruz, the story took off in its own direction and ended up being a cross between “woman as bait” ...

Behind the scenes: Love of the Dragon

Silas’s story, Love of the Dragon, was a long time in the making - five books long, in fact! Find out how the story & characters evolved over time to take their rightful places in the saga of this series!

The characters

Silas has been a strong personality since Book 1 of the Aloha Shifters series. His backstory was hinted at all along although the details were always left shrouded in mystery. There are two reasons for that. First, I didn’t want Silas’s story to steal the show from any of the other characters, and second, I wanted to ...

Behind the scenes: Lure of the Fox

Originally, I intended to write 5 books in the Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart series. But so many readers wanted to hear Ella’s story, I just had to fit it in. And a good thing, too, because I needed just the right hero to discover and wield the Keystone, making sure the shifters of Koa Point complete the full collection of Spirit Stones. So how exactly did the story and characters of Lure of the Fox come about? Read on to find out!

The characters

Ella has been referred to over the past few stories in the series, ...

Behind the scenes: Pearls of Desire series

Inspiration for the series

First, a note. Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire is a series inspired by the Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart series. Every book is a standalone story, but it is fun to read both series in order (with “Jewels” first). That way, you’ll recognize rich background details and the full genesis of each work.

So how exactly did Pearls of Desire grow out of Jewels of the Heart? In many ways, Pearls of Desire is a natural outgrowth of the original series. I adore the family of shifters at Koa Point, and I wasn’t ...

Behind the scenes: Rebel Dragon

Rebels? Dragons? Pearls? Are you wondering how Rebel Dragon, Book 1 of my new PEARLS OF DESIRE series came to be? It was a long, fun journey, and I’m delighted to share it with you now. Fair warning: hot alpha shifters, ruthless enemies, and possibly a few spoilers ahead!

Note: you can also read my post Behind the Scenes of the Pearls of Desire series for more background on the inspiration for the series as a whole.

The characters

I had several heroines in mind for this new series, and at times, it was hard to decide ...

Behind the scenes: Rebel Bear

Bear shifter meets bride on the run - in Waikiki! Did you wonder how I got the inspiration for Book 2 of my new PEARLS OF DESIRE series? Well, read on for all the inside info on this exciting new release.

Note: you can also read my post on Behind the Scenes of the Pearls of Desire series for more background on the inspiration for the series as a whole.

The characters

If you read Book 1, Rebel Dragon, you’ve already met Tim, the middle of the three Hoving brothers. I’ve been itching to write his story ...

Behind the scenes: Rebel Lion

Laid-back lion shifter falls for workaholic city girl. Did you wonder how I got the inspiration for Book 3 of my new PEARLS OF DESIRE series? Well, read on for all the inside info on this exciting new release.

Note: you can also read my post on Behind the Scenes of the Pearls of Desire series for more background on the inspiration for the series as a whole.

The characters

Dell has featured prominently since Book 1 of this series, in part thanks to his humor and good looks and in part due to his constant ribbing of ...

Behind the scenes: Rebel Wolf

Chase and Sophie’s story has been a long time in the making. Now they finally get their chance! Find out how the story and characters developed from initial idea to the heartwarming story you loved in this glimpse behind the scenes of Rebel Wolf.

The characters

Both Sophie and Chase have been in the background of each of the previous Pearls of Desire books, all the way back to Book 1 (Rebel Dragon) when we saw them falling in love after meeting for the first time. For three books, we’ve witnessed sweet, shy Chase pining for his true ...

Behind the scenes: Rebel Heart

Cynthia has been a key character in every one of the previous Pearls of Desire books, and she’s about to get her love story at last. Rebel Heart is the first part of that - the story of how she met her destined mate, many years before the events that brought her to Maui.

The story behind the story

I was playing around with different ways to convey Cynthia’s backstory but couldn’t quite decide how to approach it. Then I was asked to join the Shades of Pink charity anthology to raise money for breast cancer research. The ...

Behind the scenes: Rebel Alpha

Usually, the first characters I create are the stars of the first book of each series. But in this case, I knew I had to save Cynthia’s story for last. It’s the longest in the making, and full of the most hope and sorrow. In a way, Cynthia did star alongside Connor and Jenna in Book 1 (Rebel Dragon). But a happy ending is that much sweeter when it’s a long time in the making, so I decided to save her love story for the very end. What better way to round out a great series than with a ...

Inspiration for the Twin Moon series

Inspiration for Twin Moon Ranch

Twin Moon Ranch is based on the Arizona ranch I once worked on. The gateway hung with the ranch brand, the council house, the dining hall, the one-room schoolhouse, and the overall layout of Twin Moon Ranch were all inspired by the ranch I fell in love with. Of course, the real ranch didn’t have werewolves or many hunks, so Twin Moon is much better! The experience of working on that ranch also gave me my fascination with the desert in all its moods and seasons – a fascination that comes through in my stories.


Behind the Scenes: Desert Hunt

Inspiration for the story & characters of DESERT HUNT, the Prequel to the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch

I actually wrote Desert Hunt, the prequel to the series, after writing books 1, 2, and 3! The concept of a prequel was born when I had the opportunity to participate in my very first boxed set called Masters of the Hunt, and took that as my theme. It was also the perfect opportunity to show Ty and the pack at a time when the younger generation (personified by Zack and Ty) was just starting to push at the limits set by ...

Behind the Scenes: Desert Moon

Curious about the background of DESERT MOON, Book 1 of the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series? Read on!


The desert southwest probably conjures up more images of coyotes than wolves, and I quickly came upon the idea of having Twin Moon Ranch being neighbors to a Navajo pack of coyote shifters. They’re good neighbors and allies of the wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, but not without problems of their own. In Desert Moon, that problem is a group of rogues intent on shaking up the fragile peace that prevails in the valley. These ...

Behind the Scenes: Desert Blood

Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Desert Blood, Book 2 in the Twin Moon Ranch series!


The minute I wrote Ty of Book 1, I had Cody, too, because I love sibling opposites. Cody is the ying to Ty’s yang, the diplomat to Ty’s warrior. Cody is the type of hero who is reluctant to wield his full power – that is, until the right woman comes along and inspires him to reach higher heights. In this case, the right woman is Heather, who is a teacher, an athlete, and new to the West. In those ways, she’s ...

Behind the Scenes: Desert Fate

Here’s where you can learn about the background and inspiration for Desert Fate, Book 3 in the Twin Moon series…


In every one of my books, I look for a different kind of villain – and there are plenty to choose from in the dark & dangerous shapeshifter world. In this case, the villain I chose is another werewolf – a brute of an alpha who’s used to getting his way. Desert Fate is a suspenseful story of that evil man gradually honing in one his prey, an innocent woman who is brought ...

Behind the scenes: Desert Heart

I’ve been working on Desert Heart for a long time because so many intriguing elements were percolating in my mind. Find out where they came from and how they all came together here!

Tina’s been waiting for her story for a long, long time (just like she’s been waiting for her true love). She’s been in the background of all the Twin Moon stories from the very start. Good Old Tina, the reliable and diplomatic sister who serves her pack and smooths out her brother Ty’s rougher edges. She’s the one who believes in the underdog (remember Kyle? Tina ...

Behind the scenes: Desert Yule

Ho, ho, ho! Hear all about the crazy path that lead me to write Desert Yule here!


I’ve been looking forward to writing a Christmas story for a long time, so when some author friends of mine suggested a holiday anthology, I was all in! The big question was what kind of story to write: one with a dark & dangerous theme, like most of the Twin Moon books, or a sweet and sentimental story that focused on family ties during a peaceful holiday season.

I really couldn’t decide between those options, so I ...

Behind the scenes: Desert Rose

This story wasn’t in my original plan for the Twin Moon series at all, but one thing led to another and before I knew it, Axel and Beth were demanding a story of their own! Learn about the conception and development of this book here.


It all started innocently, way back in Desert Wolf 2 (one of the short stories that follows Ty and Lana of Desert Moon in their happily ever after). I needed a formidable shifter species to come galloping at the happy lovers out of the desert, and on a ...

Behind the scenes: Desert Roots

Desert Roots, Twin Moon Book 6, was originally envisioned as Book 4 back when I intended to follow the four Hawthorne siblings one after another. But Kyle’s and Axel’s stories (Desert Fate and Desert Rose) developed along the way, which left poor Carly waiting for her chance. Well, I doubt she minded since she truly believed she didn’t want a mate - at least, until Luke came along.

The characters

Carly makes several early appearances in the series (most notably in Desert Heart, where she and her sister Tina have a heart-to-heart sister talk, and ...

Behind the scenes of Desert Destiny

Curious to learn how Desert Destiny, the seventh book in the Twin Moon series, came about years after the previous books in the series? Read on to find out that and much more!

The story

Boy, has this story been a long time in the making – five years, in fact! That’s how long it’s been since the release of Desert Roots, the previous book in the Twin Moon series series. Why? Well, Roy was merely hinted at back then (go back and re-read Desert Yule or Salvation to find those hints!), and I got ...

Behind the scenes: Sasquatch Surprise

Whoa – a sasquatch shifter? Believe me, I was pretty surprised when that character popped out of my imagination. And I never imagined he’d get his own love story. But my mind tends to run away with the unlikeliest of characters, and before I knew it, Harrison had stolen my heart. He seems to have had that effect on many fans, because they kept asking for Harrison’s story. So I’m really delighted to finally share it with you – Sasquatch Surprise!

But really – a sasquatch? Yes, really. Think Chewbacca. Think Bigfoot – you know, the guy in those ...

Behind the Scenes: Desert Wolf

After writing Book 1 of the series, I wasn’t ready to stop following the story of Lana and Ty. And so the three Desert Wolf short stories were born! I fit writing them in between writing the full-length books of this series, and enjoyed the freshness that lent to my writing process.


I love seeing a couple living their happily-ever-after, and so the first Desert Wolf story was born. I thought it would be fun to turn the tables on Ty and have him prove himself on Lana’s home turf. ...

Desert Heart pancake recipe

Some time ago, I took part in a fun event called the Cowboy Crazy Christmas Rodeo, sponsored by the Cowboy Crazy facebook group. Authors not only shared some great holiday stories, but also their favorite recipes. I like mine so much (as much for the hero who serves them up for his true love as for the pancakes themselves) that I think it’s worth saving here.

Just for you – a recipe cooked up by Cowboy Delicious (as the heroine’s sister likes to call Rick, the hero of Desert Heart) on the morning of Christmas eve. He and ...

Fun & Games for Twin Moon Ranch...

I get so much positive feedback on the great covers Fiona Jayde made for my Twin Moon series and I love any excuse to gaze at them a little more. So here are two more excuses for you: puzzles! An author friend tipped me off on a great website that makes these puzzles easy to make and play.

Click here to find a puzzle based around an image of the Twin Moon gate!

Click here to find a puzzle featuring close-up views of the hottest wolves in the West!

Inspiration for the Blue Moon Saloon series

What’s all this about a new series, you ask? Well, I found myself with a richer paranormal world than I ever imagined when I started writing my first series, The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch. Because there aren’t just wolf shifters prowling the Southwest in search of their destined mates – there are many other shifter species, too. And there’s a lot of action beyond the tight-knit community of the ranch. So the Blue Moon Saloon series is a natural outgrowth of Twin Moon that was just begging to be told. And although there’s some overlap, Blue Moon Saloon is ...

Behind the scenes: Perfection

Sometimes, you can’t fit everything into one book – especially all the backstory of a second chance romance. That’s the reason why I wrote Jess and Simon’s first encounter into a prequel called PERFECTION.

The inspiration for the characters

You can read about the original inspiration for Jessica and Simon in the “making of” Damnation, which you’ll find here. What I wanted to do in this prequel story was to visit the couple in their younger and more innocent days. That’s part of true love, too, no matter what age you are when you fall in love – that ...

Behind the scenes: Damnation

How on earth did a bear/wolf shifter romance entitled Damnation come to be? Find out here!

The characters

If you’ve been reading my books for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I love writing about brothers. I only have one myself, but I just love the dynamics of large families with lots of boys - especially how the energy and rambunctiousness evolves as the boys become men. So along came Simon and Soren Voss, the bear shifter heroes of this series.

As bears, they’re quiet and introverted guys who speak more with words than deeds. Simon is the slightly ...

Behind the scenes: Temptation

Where exactly did this cowboy-meets-she-wolf story come from? Read on to find out the inside scoop about the inspiration and evolution of Temptation, Blue Moon Saloon Book 2.

The characters

Janna started as “just” Jessica’s peppy younger sister (which I figured Book 1 needed, given all the darkness and angst in Damnation), but she quickly evolved into a strong personality that helped business pick up in the saloon. She’s a sunny, upbeat person who’s intent on enjoying each new day rather than dwelling on the tragedies of the past. She also plays a mean game of pool, and ...

Behind the scenes: Redemption

Whew! Redemption, (Blue Moon Saloon, Book 3) packs a lot of emotion, back story, and action in. How exactly did it all evolve? Find out here!

The characters

In my mind, Soren is everything an alpha bear should be – powerful, quiet, honest, and absolutely, positively dedicated to his bear clan. A lot of that came through loud and clear in Damnation, Book 1 in the series. That’s Simon and Jessica’s story, but Soren played a big role in it, too, and his character and inner conflict were already set by the time I finished Book 1 of ...

Behind the scenes: Salvation

In some ways, Salvation, (Blue Moon Saloon, Book 4) was my most ambitious work because of the raw emotion of the story. The funny thing is, I never intended to write this book. Read more to find out just how this amazing story came to be.

The story

As I originally planned it, the Blue Moon Saloon series would have ended after Book 3, Redemption. But then the craziest thing happened – one of my star beta readers/ARC reviewers, Renee, wrote to me saying, wouldn’t it be something to bring Todd back in for Book 4? Todd, who ...

Behind the scenes: Deception

Deception, (Blue Moon Saloon, Book 5) was one of those stories I never saw coming. I fully intended to wrap up the series after Book 3, but then Todd came along. And in the final chapter of Book 4, along came the story of Summer, the mystery woman who saved the shifters cubs in Salvation. (Big thanks to my Plot Wizards group for pitching in with ideas on that ending!) So of course, I had to write Summer’s story, and give her an awesome mate of her own.

The characters

Summer only got a few brief mentions in ...

Behind the scenes: Celebration

I’m definitely guilty of loving my own characters and wanting them to enjoy their happily ever afters. So I couldn’t resist revisiting all the couples of the Blue Moon Saloon series in a happy holiday story – and heck, I even had the perfect title: Celebration!

The story

This story was easy to envision and write because it’s a mix of real life holiday memories and dreams of perfect Christmas days spent with a beloved partner who appreciates and loves you. The main question was what time the earliest risers would roll out of bed, which couple got the ...

Blue Moon muffin recipe!

In Damnation (Blue Moon Saloon, Book 1), Jessica makes raspberry-chocolate muffins that Simon drools over. That’s actually a recipe I’ve been using for a while. Why don’t you give it a try?

You can use different types of berries (raspberry is Simon’s favorite) and try it with or without chocolate chips. My kids and I like using fresh raspberries from the local fields, but I’ve “cheated” in winter and used frozen berries, too. They all come out really tasty, so enjoy!

Jessica’s berry-chocolate chip muffins


• 1.5 cups flour

• 3/4 cup oats

• 1/4 cup wheat germ


Fun & Games

To help you bridge the time to the release of the next book in the Blue Moon Saloon series and reminisce about all the books in all my series you’ve enjoyed, I’ve made a couple of games for you to play.

First, here’s a PUZZLE - a cheap excuse to study all that man chest for a while! To start the game, press the triangle in the center bottom under the image. TIP: If you click the button on the top right that says “Play As” you can change the number of pieces in the puzzle.

Behind the scenes: Gambling on Trouble

A burly bear security guard and a dragon diamond thief tangling in Las Vegas. Ever wonder how a love story like that came about? Read about it right here!

The story

Gambling on Trouble was originally conceived as the prologue to Gambling on Her Bear. Sadly, I had to cut the backstory to keep the pace of that book moving. But I wanted to share that part of their love story with readers, so the moment I had the chance to focus on this story (and the opportunity to share it with readers in the form of a ...

Behind the scenes: Gambling on Her Dragon

Gambling on Her Dragon is my zaniest story yet - it’s packed with humor, action, romance, and dark moments, too. Find out just how my first dragon/wolf shifter story came to be – and how it links to my other series. Just read on!

The story

Credit for the original concept goes to author Michelle Fox, who had the brainwave of gathering a group of authors to each write their own Vegas story à la “The Hangover.” I loved the idea and immediately started wondering which of the wolves of Twin Moon Ranch I could send over the state border ...

Behind the scenes: Gambling on Her Bear

A bear shifter security guard and a diamond thief she-dragon tangle with greedy vampires in Las Vegas. Ever wonder how that love story came about? Read on!

The story

Some stories don’t change very much from first idea to final version but wow, Gambling on Her Bear changed a lot! By the time I finished writing the first book in this series (Gambling on Her Dragon), I knew there would be a sequel although I didn’t have a clear idea of what it would be. In fact, it took a while for me to nail the concept down ...

Behind the scenes of Gambling on Her Panther

Ruthless vampires. Passionate panthers. Valiant lovers. Heroic hedgehogs. Gory gladiators. If you’re wondering, “How on Earth did Anna come up with this?” read on to go behind the scenes of Gambling on Her Panther!

The characters

This story has its roots in Gambling on Her Bear (Book 2 of this series), which ends with Tanner and Karen riding off into the sunset with the winnings they earned with the help of Dex, a blackjack dealer in the Scarlet Palace casino. That published way back in 2017, when I wrote the first two books intending to go straight on ...

Behind the Scenes: the Serendipity Adventure Romance series

Much as I love werewolves and Arizona, I also love travel and adventure in even more exotic settings. And thus the Serendipity Adventure Romance series was born!

I’m a New England sailor myself, and though I never had the benefit of a wealthy and generous grandfather who left me a sailboat, I have had many (safe) adventures afoot and afloat around the world. Combine that with my love of adventure movies (think Indiana Jones and classics like Robin Hood), and voila! I had the makings of a new series. My imagination is always busy making great trips even better with ...

Behind the Scenes: Uncharted

Come and have a look behind the scenes of UNCHARTED, Book 1 in the Serendipity Adventure Romance series!


Although I set out to write a wild and fairly lighthearted adventure romance, I wanted the details to be as close to reality as possible, so I chose themes and occupations I know well. I’ve been a sailing nomad myself as well as an archaeologist. I chose Belize because it’s a place that has all the ingredients a great adventure romance needs: proximity to the archaeological treasures of Guatemala, a fascinating culture with sometimes corrupt officials ...

Behind the Scenes: Entangled

ENTANGLED is Book 2 in the Serendipity Adventure Romance series, and one of my personal favorites. Okay, they’re all my favorites, but still! The crazy thing is, it all started with a single photo.


Once upon a time, the organizer of a boxed set I was participating in posted a picture of a jungle bridge on the facebook group she used to communicate through. At the time, I was writing Uncharted and focused on the coast of Belize, but that picture lit a flame inside me. In no time, Tobin and Cara’s story ...

Behind the Scenes: Windswept

Boy, do I love this story. I loved writing it, I love reading it, and I hope you do, too. It’s a thrilling page-turner that can put a lump in your throat, have you heading for a cold shower after the steamy scenes, or make your pulse race with every near-miss escape. So how exactly did Windswept come about, you ask?


I love strong heroines, so Mia, almost-Olympic swimmer turned dive instructor, came easily to me. She’s proud, capable, and just wounded enough to make a perfect match for Ryan and a worthy new ...

Behind the scenes: Adrift

Meredith has been waiting in the wings in each book of the Serendipity stories so it was high time she got her own love story in Adrift. But where exactly did her character come from? And how on earth did she end up on the run from the Russian mafia in Grenada?

The inspiration for the characters

Meredith has a fairly complicated character - and guess what? She’s partly based on my sister, which made her really hard to write. The funny thing is that some readers tell me the character is too contradictory to be real because she ...

Behind the Scenes: Off the Charts

THE INSPIRATION FOR THE STORY: Here’s where you can find out about how Off the Charts (the Prequel to the Serendipity Adventure Romance series) came about - how I got the idea for this short story, what changed along the way, and how that fits in with the other books in the series!

I actually wrote this prequel after I wrote Uncharted. I didn’t want back story to slow Uncharted down, but neither did I want readers to miss the magical night when Seth and Julie first met. The solution was to write Off the Charts as a ...

Fun & Games for Serendipity...

I love puzzles and I love the stunning covers of my Serendipity Adventure Romance books, so 1+1=lots of fun! Click here to play!

Behind the scenes: Veiled Fantasies

I had a lot of fun turning my own real-life stranding in Dubai into a spicy travel romance. Yes, Veiled Fantasies is based on my own true story, right down to the “Quick Transfer” tags on my luggage!


Once upon a time, I was on my way home from a dream vacation in Australia and New Zealand when I was stranded in Dubai for a week – just like Jill, the heroine of Veiled Fantasies. A volcanic eruption may have clogged the skies over Europe and grounded all flights, but my imagination was soaring. ...

Island Fantasies recipe!

A lot of the details in Island Fantasies come straight from my own experiences on Maupiti, the South Pacific island where this travel romance takes place. Just like Kyle and Hannah, I got to snorkel with manta rays, hike the island’s central peak, and sample some fantastic Polynesian fare. Other than reading the book, the best way to transport yourself into the idyllic tropical setting might be to try this recipe for marinated fish served with coconut milk - it’s delicious and easy to prepare!

Locally, it’s called Poisson Cru Tahitienne - raw tuna, Tahitian style!

Interviews with Anna Lowe

If you like a peek into the hows and whys of writing, check these out these interviews with me, Anna Lowe.
Big thanks to the publishers, bloggers, and authors who take the time to bring so many interesting stories to fans of paranormal romance!

An interview with Anna Lowe

This was fun! I was interviewed by Paranormal Romance Lovers about my writing process and other fun things. Most of the interview is duplicated here, but you can also see it on the lovely website in original HERE. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Well, I’m originally from New York state but I always wished I came from Alaska or Montana – in other words, a country girl at heart. Some of my favorite things are dogs, sports, and travel, and I often let these inspire my stories.

Can you describe your style of writing ...

Interview with audio narrator Kelsey Osborne!

So, here’s a fun bonus extra. I asked my wonderful audiobook narrator Kelsey Osborne if she would do an interview to answer fan questions. And here it is! Everything you might have wondered about the working day of a professional voice talent!

Thank you so much, Kelsey, for taking the time to answer reader/listener questions!

The hero I'd like to find in my bed...

Cool! I was interviewed by the Wolf Pack! Read all about the book that made me cry, the hero I’d like to find in my bed, the hero I’d like to be snowed in with, and more!

You can find the original interview HERE with lots of nice graphics.

The book that launched my career is…

Desert Moon with a hero and heroine who still make my heart thump! So much that I’ve checked in one them with four short stories that take place after their happily ever after. (I’ve since compiled those into the Desert Wolf: ...

Introducing video 'making of' clips!

I have a fun new project to present: my all-new BONUS MATERIALS video series. A lot of people ask about how I get my ideas, and I found a fun way to share those interesting tidbits with you - by letting cute furry animals do the talking for me.

Check out all the videos HERE or click directly on the post that interests you most:

The making of the Twin Moon Ranch series

The making of the Blue Moon Saloon series

The making of the Shifters in Vegas series

More puzzles!

I love puzzles and have one for just about every cover in all my series. If you love puzzles too, go ahead and enjoy these!

Tip: you can make each puzzle as hard or easy as you like by clicking on the “PLAY AS” button on the upper right of the puzzle and changing the number of pieces.

You can puzzle your way through many of the covers from the TWIN MOON series, including DESERT ROOTS, Book 6. Click here to find a puzzle with a VIEW of the ranch.

I also have puzzles for Book 5, DESERT ...

Behind the scenes: Island Fantasies

Yes, there really is a place as perfect as Maupiti, and yes, it really is a great place to fall in love. Read on here to find out what elements of Island Fantasies are truth and which are fiction!


Lucky me – I really have been to the most gorgeous island on earth: Maupiti, a little speck of a place just west of Bora Bora. It’s a place far, far off the beaten track – not just in miles! – and it’s just as perfect as it sounds. The people are warm and friendly, ...