Gambling on Her Panther

Shifters in Vegas, Book 3
Ruthless vampires. Passionate panthers. Valiant lovers. Come experience a Vegas zanier — and more deadly — than you’ve ever seen before!

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Panther shifter Dex Davitt has just earned himself a cool million dollars. The problem? Leaving Las Vegas with his loot — alive. Why? Well, that’s complicated. Falling desperately in love kind of complicated. Vengeful, bloodsucking vampires kind of complicated. Carefully laid plans falling apart kind of complicated. Is it all just a run of bad luck, or is it destiny?

Stunt woman Dakota Morgenstern is ready to trade Sin City for a quieter, simpler life on a ranch. There’s just one catch — a sinfully charming card dealer who may have inadvertently gambled with both of their lives.

Soon, she’s thrust into a deadly new world of dungeons, dragons, gory gladiators, heroic hedgehogs, and merciless mob bosses. Can one daring human play the right ace at the right time to turn the tables on her foes?

This book is also available as part of the SHIFTERS IN VEGAS box set, (a three-book collection).

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