Fire Maidens: Volume 2 box set

Billionaires & Bodyguards, Books 4-5-6 3 more sizzling, suspenseful romances + 3 exclusive bonus scenes in a second great collection!

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A new generation of shifter heroes has been summoned to protect Europe’s cities from a ruthless foe — and to protect the last of the Fire Maidens, young women with royal shifter blood. That makes Fire Maidens irresistible targets for dark forces seeking to expand their power — and irresistible in other ways! These young women are absolutely off limits to the young warriors tasked with protecting them, but destiny is just beginning to play her games…

This special edition box set includes books 4, 5, and 6 of the series:

FIRE MAIDENS: PORTUGAL, Book 4: When Laura Sampao inherits a family heirloom, her life changes forever. Now, vampires are after her blood, and her last hope is a mysterious, jaded warrior who saves her from a brutal attack.

FIRE MAIDENS: IRELAND, Book 5: Inheriting a cottage in Ireland seems like a stroke of pure luck to Grace Connolly — as is a chance meeting at a cliffside castle with her mysterious (and hot) new neighbor. If only she knew what she was actually getting into in Ireland…

FIRE MAIDENS: SCOTLAND, Book 6: Holly Jennings wasn’t planning on another trip to Scotland. And she certainly wasn’t planning on traveling down memory lane with the hot Highlander who broke her heart. But destiny has a way of interfering with a girl’s best intentions…

PLUS 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUS SCENES for an extra visit with each couple as they live their their happily-ever-afters: Hidden Treasures, Girls’ Night Out, and Fire Maiden’s First Mission.

Ready to explore Europe with the hot alpha shifter of your dreams? Get your copy of FIRE MAIDENS, Volume 2 today!

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