Adventure Romance - now in audio!

Serendipity Adventure Romance - Audio box set

Now available: an audio bundle of all four books in my Serendipity Adventure Romance series. This is a great deal at only $9.99 for the 4-book audio bundle!

Love is always an adventure, but these books ramp up the action along the way.

You can find the audio bundle here: Serendipity Adventure Romance 4-book audio collection - including Uncharted, Entangled, Windswept, and Adrift!

Alternatively, you can get the stories as individual titles on SPOTIFY at the same low price point:
Uncharted / Entangled / Windswept / Adrift

If you enjoyed Romancing the Stone or Sandra Bullock’s The Lost City, you’ll love these books!

This collection of four books is only available in audio format.

(Please note: unlike most of Anna’s audiobooks, the four stories in this audio bundle are narrated by a computer-generated voice. They are NOT intended to replace full quality audiobooks narrated by a professional, real life narrator. However, this version does allow fans to listen to an audio version at a hugely discounted rate. Anna Lowe only uses AI technology for audio projects that would not be otherwise viable to produce.)

Other books in this series: