Behind the Scenes: Desert Moon

Curious about the background of DESERT MOONhere, Book 1 of the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series? Read on!


The desert southwest probably conjures up more images of coyotes than wolves, and I quickly came upon the idea of having Twin Moon Ranch being neighbors to a Navajo pack of coyote shifters. They’re good neighbors and allies of the wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, but not without problems of their own. In Desert Moon, that problem is a group of rogues intent on shaking up the fragile peace that prevails in the valley. These rogues are the perfect villains to further complicate the Romeo and Juliet love story of Ty and Lana.

I love a strong, wounded alpha hero, and that’s Ty to the core. He was brought up to follow in the footsteps of an iron-fisted father. The high expectations would crush most men, and it threatens to turn Ty into as harsh a leader as his father until Lana comes along. She’s every bit as tough as Ty and although she’s also the child of an alpha wolf, she’s had the benefit of a more stable family background. Once Ty recognizes Lana as his destined mate, he realizes there’s another kind of power he can use to be a strong leader who serves his pack – the power of unconditional love. They’re a perfect match!

I love that Lana doesn’t just become the woman behind the man leading the pack, but the woman beside the man. Together, this alpha pair has what it takes to steer Twin Moon pack on a new course. Still, they’ll need all the help they can get in the dark, dangerous world they inhabit, and that’s why Cody, Tina, and other key characters become so important as the saga of the pack continues.


When Ty and Lana meet on a hilltop: two fated mates singing their hopes and frustrations to the moon together for the very first time.