Behind the Scenes: Desert Blood

Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Desert Blood, Book 2 in the Twin Moon Ranch series!


The minute I wrote Ty of Book 1, I had Cody, too, because I love sibling opposites. Cody is the ying to Ty’s yang, the diplomat to Ty’s warrior. Cody is the type of hero who is reluctant to wield his full power – that is, until the right woman comes along and inspires him to reach higher heights. In this case, the right woman is Heather, who is a teacher, an athlete, and new to the West. In those ways, she’s a lot like me when I first arrived in Arizona. Heather is a tough, capable woman but a horrifying encounter with vampires makes her feel vulnerable like never before. She needs Cody to re-discover her old self just as much as Cody needs her to discover his true self and join Ty as a rightful leader of the pack.


Heather standing up to the old alpha with Cody beside her in wolf form, his tail swishing against her legs.


Originally, at the end of the book when Heather comes back to Cody after fleeing the ranch because she can’t cope with the idea of wolves, she just sort of came back and there Cody was and everything was good. Then I had the idea of her coming back and seeing proof of Cody’s hard work on the schoolhouse, plus the heartbreaking moment when she realizes he doesn’t really believe she’s back. I love this new scene because it makes the emotion of their reunion that much more powerful.