Inspiration for the Twin Moon series

Read all about the inspiration for the Twin Moon Ranch series here!

Twin Moon Ranch is based on the Arizona ranch I once worked on. The gateway hung with the ranch brand, the council house, the dining hall, the one-room schoolhouse, and the overall layout of Twin Moon Ranch were all inspired by the ranch I fell in love with. Of course, the real ranch didn’t have werewolves or many hunks, so Twin Moon is much better! The experience of working on that ranch also gave me my fascination with the desert in all its moods and seasons – a fascination that comes through in my stories.

Inspiration for Twin Moon Pack

The way I imagine it, a traditional wolf shifter pack would have a lot in common with feudal societies. Think middle Ages! They’d be run by strong-willed, uncompromising alphas who guard tradition and family power above all else. That led naturally to the character of Ty’s father, old Tyrone, who’s a bit of tyrant as we all know. But I wanted to show an up-and-coming generation at Twin Moon Ranch that is ready to push the boundaries established by the older generation. That’s the challenge faced by Ty, Zack, Cody, Tina, and newcomers like Kyle. Do they dare challenge tradition and the power of the older generation?

This younger generation wants to keep the best traditions of Twin Moon Ranch, such as the strong family and pack bonds, the sense of duty and honor, and smaller traditions like the annual solstice campfire and twice-a-week community meals. At the same time, they want to break away from the worst parts of tradition: the suffocating leadership style, the strict male/female roles, or arranged “marriages” to strengthen alliances or bloodlines. That tension runs through the background of all the Twin Moon stories: how to find that balance between customs and new ways. It’s a tension I think many people feel, especially people like me with immigrant parents - we have the old culture to preserve, a new culture to embrace, and a future to make our own. It’s tricky to say the least!