Behind the scenes: Celebration

I’m definitely guilty of loving my own characters and wanting them to enjoy their happily ever afters. So I couldn’t resist revisiting all the couples of the Blue Moon Saloon series in a happy holiday story – and heck, I even had the perfect title: Celebration!

The story

This story was easy to envision and write because it’s a mix of real life holiday memories and dreams of perfect Christmas days spent with a beloved partner who appreciates and loves you. The main question was what time the earliest risers would roll out of bed, which couple got the hottest love scene, and who got the cozy, quiet scene with a fire crackling in the fireplace. Celebration visits each couple throughout an idlylic Christmas day – from breakfast to a very special midday excursion to an afternoon of sledding and finally, to a memorable Christmas dinner for the whole Blue Moon clan.

The characters

Well, that was easy, too! I decided to go in order of the couples as you met them in the series, starting with Jessica and Simon then continuing to spunky Janna and sweet cowboy Cole, burly Soren and Sarah (with their son, Teddy), and finally, on to Todd and Anna. Each of these couples suffered through a lot of doubt, loneliness, and stress in the previous books of the Blue Moon Saloon series (after all, every good story needs conflicts to overcome), so it’s nice to read short episodes in which the characters get to kick back and enjoy life, too.

My favorite scene

In every book I write, this is always a hard call to make. In this case, it’s impossible! I love each segment because each is so infused with love, devotion, and appreciation of what really counts in life. I love the anticipation with which Jess and Simon sit down to wait for the results of their test. I love the joy with which Cole shows Janna a truly special sight. I can’t resist the heat between Soren and Sarah, and I absolutely adore the family bliss that Todd and Anna share with their kids. And then, of course, the Christmas dinner with their guests from Twin Moon Ranch – it’s great to see these characters enjoy a truly special holiday together!

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do! Happy holidays, everyone!