Tempting the Sheriff

Sherwood Forest Shifters, Book 1
Don’t believe what they tell you about Robin Hood, outlaw of Sherwood Forest. There never was such a man. But there is a woman…

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That woman is me, Robynne: fox shifter, master archer, and jaded outlaw with a fierce desire to avoid trouble. But when my impulsive brother and his merry band of misfits rob a passing carriage, they set off a chain of events that changes my destiny forever. Too late to stop them, I settle for the next best thing: taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

All well and good, except that puts the new sheriff of Nottingham hot on my trail. Operative word: hot, because unlike his predecessor, Daniel is a muscle- and duty-bound knight/dragon shifter freshly back from the Crusades. One who inspires all kinds of new desires…

As outlaw and sheriff, we’re sworn enemies, though we want the same things: justice for the downtrodden, the return of our rightful king, Richard…and a chance to indulge our wildest, most sizzling fantasies.

But that’s not so simple for us star-crossed lovers. The year is 1193 — an era of scheming princes, greedy warlords, and ruthless shifters. To earn our happily-ever-after, Daniel and I must rely on cunning, fierce fighting, and love that burns hotter than dragon fire.

I’ve never let rules, expectations, or impossible odds stop me…but I have to admit, this will be one hell of a challenge.

(And if you hear a canine growling, that’s my fox side. Challenge accepted.)

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