Fire Maidens: Paris

Billionaires & Bodyguards, Book 1
Paris! City of dreams, shifter nightmares, and hot dragon heroes who can turn a woman’s life upside down.


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One awful night, a vampire attack exposes Natalie Brewer to a whole new side to the City of Lights — and her own heritage. Can she really be descended from a legendary dragon queen? Every shifter in Paris has set their sights on her, from bloodthirsty vampires to power-hungry dragons and jealous rivals. It’s impossible to know who to trust, other than the mysterious stranger who risks his life for her again and again.

After a decade in the Foreign Legion, all dragon shifter Tristan Chevalier wants is to settle into a civilian life and a new job. His mission: to prove himself to the Guardians of Paris and to protect the city. But all that is threatened when an innocent woman stumbles into his life — and into his heart. Being appointed her bodyguard is a blessing and a curse, because Natalie is absolutely, positively off-limits despite the burning desire they both feel. For Tristan, it’s the test of a lifetime, and the outcome will affect the future of an entire city.

Danger lurks over Europe, where a ruthless dragon clan plots to seize power in the grandest, most glamorous cities. The guardians of old have summoned a new generation of shifter heroes to protect the castles, cathedrals, and cobblestoned streets of their ancestral homes — and to seek out the last of the Fire Maidens, women coveted by the dark lords for their royal blood. Those women are absolutely off-limits to the young warriors tasked with protecting them. But destiny, of course, has other ideas…

Join Tristan and Natalie as they navigate the shady shifter side of Paris, unable to trust anyone but each other as they escape gargoyles, vampires, and rival dragons to claim their destinies - and true love.

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