Island Fantasies

Holiday Travel Romance, Book 1
If there really was some place like paradise, this would be it…

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Hannah Klein is living a fantasy in the South Pacific: swaying palms, sunny skies, and an aquamarine lagoon that puts travel posters to shame. In two weeks, she’s scheduled to set sail on the voyage of her dreams – hardly the time to be thinking “forever” about the guy she just met. So what if he happens to be sweet, soulful, and absolutely succulent? The closer they get, the more Hannah suspects that Kyle’s the one. But is any man worth trading in her dreams for?

Kyle Stanton has it all: a stellar career, an exciting life in New York – and a bet to win. He has to endure two weeks on remote Pacific island with no phone, no email, no Internet. He’s looking for distraction, not a long-term relationship. But there’s something special about Hannah, and Kyle can’t hold back. When the time comes to say goodbye, will he really be able to let her sail away?

Bonus extras:

  • Read all about the making of this title here!
  • Try this delicious Polynesian fish recipe. Other than reading the book, it’s the best way to transport yourself into an idyllic tropical setting!

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