Fire Maidens: Switzerland

Billionaires & Bodyguards, Book 9
The sizzling, suspenseful series finale!

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Bear shifter Heath Cauley figured his latest bodyguarding gig would be the usual — social gatherings, public events, and a bratty, entitled heiress to endure. He wasn’t expecting a fiery, independent Fire Maiden with an attitude and a hell of a left hook. And he sure wasn’t expecting sparks to fly from the moment they meet.

Dragon shifter Claudia Kaiser is determined to fulfill her destiny as a Fire Maiden, no matter what the risk. She’s a protector, not a damsel in distress. But not everyone sees it that way, so she can’t make a move without a detail of bodyguards hot on her heels. That includes the intriguing — er, annoying — new guy with golden-brown eyes and a mysterious past.

Meanwhile, a treacherous enemy plots to release unfathomable evil locked away beneath the snow and ice of the highest Alpine peaks. It will take teamwork, unsavory informants, and swallowed pride for Claudia and Heath not just to survive, but to save the continent from a terrible fate.

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