Behind the scenes: Desert Yule

Ho, ho, ho! Hear all about the crazy path that lead me to write Desert Yule here!


I’ve been looking forward to writing a Christmas story for a long time, so when some author friends of mine suggested a holiday anthology, I was all in! The big question was what kind of story to write: one with a dark & dangerous theme, like most of the Twin Moon books, or a sweet and sentimental story that focused on family ties during a peaceful holiday season.

I really couldn’t decide between those options, so I asked my newsletter subscribers what they wanted in a survey. And guess what? They were split, too! Half the respondents voted for a heart-warming story that revisited all the characters featured in the series so far, while the other half voted for an all-new hero & heroine in a story with a darker theme. Yikes! I had two half-finished stories and no idea which to pursue.

I quickly realized two things, though. First, the darker story line that focused on a new character was slowly shaping into a full book rather than a short story. Second, that the wolves of Twin Moon Ranch have truly earned a merry, peaceful Christmas. Ultimately, I decided that my readers should get both stories! Desert Yule, the happy holidays / reunion story, and Desert Rose, Book 5 in the Twin Moon series!


Although the focus of Desert Yule is on familiar characters from previous stories (Zack & Rae, Ty & Lana, Cody & Heather, Tina & Rick), I wanted to use the opportunity to let fans get to know two other characters better. In Desert Yule, you’ll see Carly, the youngest Hawthorne sibling, in action. Carly is a lot like the woman I once was: single, solo, and determined to stay that way. (That is, until Cupid turned an arrow my way! That’s exactly the fate that awaits Carly in Desert Roots, Book 6 of the series). Desert Yule reveals a little about the reason for Carly’s stubborn resistance to love, and you’ll learn a lot more about her personality and motivations in Desert Roots.

The second character you’ll get to know better through this Christmas story is cranky old Tyrone, the retired alpha of Twin Moon pack. He’s a tough guy to love, but grandkids manage to pull out a secret side of him you might not have guessed existed in him at all. Which brings me to…


I love every scene in this story because they’re all full of love, devotion, and hopeful new beginnings. Some are steamy, while others are more sentimental, and each gives a worthy couple their well-deserved happily-ever-after. If I had to name a single favorite scene, though, it would be the final one in which Carly takes the grandkids to deliver one last present to grinch-like old Tyrone, and we get to see his softer side peek out. I love how the youngest generation is oblivious to old Tyrone’s grouchiness and act as a sort of buffer between him and his own kids.

What about you? Which is your favorite scene?