Tempting the Outlaw

Sherwood Forest Shifters, Book 2
You just can’t count on outlaws these days…

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I’m Willa Scarlet, and my mother was right about never depending on a man. Case in point: my secret mission to keep a trunk full of priceless treasure safe from Prince John. When the outlaws of Sherwood Forest fail to help, all my carefully laid plans are thrown askew. And it’s all the fault of one burly, infuriating bandit who has a bee in his bonnet when it comes to me. Men!

I’m John Little, bear shifter, and I can assure you, there’s nothing little about me. Quite the opposite. I’ve also got a big dose of stubborn — and an issue with humans. I’m perfectly content with my reclusive life in the forest until Willa Scarlet saunters along. Now, I want the bite-sized redhead with an oversized attitude as far away as possible — the farther, the better.

The only things Willa and I have in common are sizzling chemistry, ruthless enemies, and responsibility for a treasure more valuable than either of us suspected. Before we know it, we’re on the run, deep in trouble and in love, even if neither of us is ready to admit it. But we can’t hide away forever, and soon, I’m forced to make hard choices. Do I follow my heart or my head? And where does my allegiance lie — with Willa, or with the shifters of Sherwood Forest?

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