Behind the Scenes: Uncharted

Come and have a look behind the scenes of UNCHARTED, Book 1 in the Serendipity Adventure Romance series!


Although I set out to write a wild and fairly lighthearted adventure romance, I wanted the details to be as close to reality as possible, so I chose themes and occupations I know well. I’ve been a sailing nomad myself as well as an archaeologist. I chose Belize because it’s a place that has all the ingredients a great adventure romance needs: proximity to the archaeological treasures of Guatemala, a fascinating culture with sometimes corrupt officials and unwaveringly devoted nuns, plus a long Caribbean coastline dotted with treacherous reefs and romantic island escapes.


Julie is very much the archaeologist I once was, traveling Central and South America alone, bouncing from one amazing (if lonely) experience to another. I didn’t have a motorcycle, though, and I never worked for a corrupt professor who asked me to smuggle anything, thank goodness! I did have a machete, though, and I definitely felt the same way as Julie when it came to loving the independence while wishing for a special someone to share it all with. A tricky combination to achieve in real life, but I’m happy to report a happy end there, too!

I’ve also experienced those tropical shores from the other side: as a sailor, sailing from island to island and new coastlines throughout the Caribbean on small sailboats. Sailors come from all walks of life, but I especially liked the idea of a harried corporate type letting go of it all and going buccaneer. And there was Seth, the perfect hero.


The opening scenes, where the interplay of tension and attraction between Julie and Seth is so strong are among my favorites. I also love Seth’s speech to Julie on Cayo Coco, the little island they escape to for a little one-on-one (and yeah, the one-on-one was a lot of fun to write, too!). I also love the ending, where Sister Christine helps Seth and Julie pull off the ultimate escape. Dang – am I allowed to say I love pretty much every scene in this book?!