Behind the Scenes: the Serendipity Adventure Romance series

Much as I love werewolves and Arizona, I also love travel and adventure in even more exotic settings. And thus the Serendipity Adventure Romance series was born!

I’m a New England sailor myself, and though I never had the benefit of a wealthy and generous grandfather who left me a sailboat, I have had many (safe) adventures afoot and afloat around the world. Combine that with my love of adventure movies (think Indiana Jones and classics like Robin Hood), and voila! I had the makings of a new series. My imagination is always busy making great trips even better with more extreme events and, of course, a handsome hero to fall in love with along the way. So when the chance came up to participate in an adventure romance book bundle with some amazing authors, I jumped at it and very quickly came up with the idea of Serendipity, a sailboat left to a group of young singles by their wise grandfather. I really enjoy following members of a single family, so the idea of siblings and cousins sharing the boat in a series of romantic adventures had a lot of appeal. It helped that I know two brothers who originally set sail together, much like Seth and Tobin, before they eventually decided to take turns on the boat. Now, one of the brothers uses the boat for a few months with his girlfriend, and then the other brother with his girlfriend take over for a while. Great concept, huh? I’ve taken that idea and given the boat that many more crew members!