Excerpt from "Rebel Alpha"

An Excerpt from Rebel Alpha, Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire, Book 5
Dragon heiress and her bad boy wolf shifter get a second chance at romance. Is it too late?

In this scene, lonely dragon widow Cynthia has just been interrupted from daydreams of her long-lost forbidden mate by the shifters she shares a seaside plantation on tropical Maui with…

“Someone is asking to see you,” Anjali said. “You know I would never bring an outsider here, but I think—”

“I think he’s trouble,” Connor growled from outside.

He? Who, he? Cynthia stepped to the doorway, surprised to see everyone there. Hailey and Tim, the bear shifters, were on the porch stairs, looking fierce. Jenna and Sophie were on ground level, shooting Anjali bolstering looks. The women appeared to be in favor of the visitor, whoever it was, while the men were all on edge. Including Chase and Connor, who stood in the driveway, holding another man in place. Together, they pinned his arms behind his back like a criminal caught in a dastardly act.

Anjali moved aside, and Cynthia strode to the edge of the porch, looking down. The visitor stared silently up at her, and—

It was a good thing there was a porch column for Cynthia to grab for support.

There really was a Triumph Thruxton parked in the driveway, and the man who’d arrived on it was a vision straight out of her dreams. He was older. Wearier. Wiser — like her, no doubt. Handsome as ever, in that roguish way that kept most people at arm’s length. He was harder and tougher than when they’d first met, as if the invisible armor he wore had grown even thicker in the intervening years.

Had he pined for her the way she’d pined for him? Had he shed even a quarter of the tears she had? Or did he loathe her for what she’d been forced to do, the way she loathed herself at times?

Cal Zydler. Road rider. Wolf shifter.

Mate, her dragon cried.

“Cal,” she whispered in spite of herself.

His smoky gray eyes gave nothing away, and neither did his deep, unwavering voice.

“Cynthia,” he murmured in a tone so low, it might have been a whisper on the wind.

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