Limited time audio deal - new series!

UPDATE: this limited-time offer has expired, but stay tuned for similar deals in the future!

STILL RELEVANT: the AUDIOBOOK versions of Books 1 and 2 in my new Sherwood Forest Shifters series are now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Click here for the links!

THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE HAS EXPIRED. The audiobooks are still available, but only on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Great news! I have a brand new, three-book series releasing - and the AUDIOBOOK versions of Books 1 and 2 are already available in a limited-time offer!

My new Robin Hood-themed series, Sherwood Forest Shifters, features a female fox shifter as Robynne Hood and her true love, Daniel the dragon shifter, who also happens to be the new sheriff of Nottingham. (Great set-up, huh?!)

These stories are light, funny, romantic, and full of surprises. And **Books 1 and 2 are already available in audio** in a special **early bird deal**! True to my commitment to bring you good deals, I've set up a limited-time deal only on PayHip for fans to buy them before they go live in Audible. Let me repeat that: they're available now for **only $9.99** but **only on PayHip**, because Audible doesn't allow me to control pricing. They should be available on Audible in a few days, at which time I'll end the PayHip deal. So, if you're an Audible customer and like using your credits, your best bet is probably to wait for these two books to go live there soon. But if you're not an Audible member or don't plan on using your credits for these audiobooks (each about 6 hours in length), then [this PayHip deal] is probably your best bet.

These audiobooks are the first two of three, narrated by award-nominated Kelsey Osborne and Chris Merlin. Yes - I’ve gone to dual narration for this series, making for great listening! As soon as the third book is ready, I’ll offer it in the same process – first at a discount on PayHip, then on Audible.

Once again, this discount deal will end as soon as the audiobooks so live on Audible, so grab them now if you’re interested. :) Of course, all three are also available in ebook format starting November 9. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

So, how exactly does this new trilogy work? I’ll let the heroine tell you in her own words…

Don’t believe what they tell you about Robin Hood, outlaw of Sherwood Forest. There never was such a man. But there is a woman, and that’s me, Robynne: fox shifter, master archer, and jaded outlaw with a fierce desire for justice.

The legends are just as wrong about the Merry Men. Little John is a stubborn, muscle-bound bear shifter. Friar Tuck is a sexy-as-sin lion whose dreams of becoming a knight are dashed by family commitments. Now, he’s praying for a miracle — and a little action. Any action.

And when it comes to women like Willa Scarlet and Maid Marian… Suffice to say they earn the “hero” part of “heroine.”

SHERWOOD FOREST SHIFTERS is a steamy, suspenseful paranormal romance series that corrects the errors of the Robin Hood legends. If you enjoyed the humor of The Princess Bride and the action-packed romance of Outlander, you’ll love this fresh new twist on a classic, complete with brave knights, cunning bandits, fire-breathing dragons, and forbidden lovers.