New release!

I’m so excited to bring you a great new release, with something for everyone - romance, spice, and a touch of adventure! VEILED FANTASIES is an exotic & exciting travel romance with a great back story - read on!

Once upon a time, I was flying home from New Zealand when a volcano erupted in Iceland, emitting a huge ash cloud that shut down air traffic over a big chunk of the globe. (True story!) My connecting flight was canceled, so I was stuck in Dubai for 5 days. (Also a true story!) It didn’t take much for my imagination to get to work and create a love story of two people meeting and falling in love in that crazy situation. The result is a great travel romance with a to-die-for hero and a quirky heroine you’ll really enjoy. So if you like a good travel yarn with a touch of adventure, then Veiled Fantasies is the book for you. (For more info on the real-life inspiration for the story, check out the Bonus Materials section of my website.)

I’m also close to putting the finishing touches on the next book in my Twin Moon Ranch series: DESERT ROSE, which will be my first book of the new year. I can’t wait! But I’m experimenting with not running a long pre-order this time, so make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter to hear about its release.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know that my Twin Moon Ranch books are coming out as paperbacks, just in time for Christmas! Desert Hunt is already available in paperback, and the rest of the series isn’t far behind. So if you need a gift for a fan of paranormal romance - you got it!

And now, gift yourself an adventure: Veiled Fantasies!