New series: Serendipity Adventure Romance!

If you’ve read my Twin Moon series, you already know that I love capable heroines and tough alpha males as well as an evocative setting. So far, the setting I’ve concentrated on in my writing is one that captures everything a dark and dangerous shifter romance should be: the Arizona desert.

But desert shifters are only one of my passions. Travel and adventure are others, and I’m delighted to present a whole new series filled with the elements you love: characters who jump off the page, exotic settings that ignite a passionate romance, and challenges for the hero and heroine to overcome on the way to their happily ever after. My new Serendipity Adventure Romance series that launches July 7 with a great 99¢ boxed set deal I can’t wait to share with you. But first, let me tell you a little more about it and how it fits in with my shifter series which will continue to grow.

Adventure romance is a funny term, because love is always an adventure – but the books in my exotic & exciting series ramp up the action along the way. Seth and Julie of Uncharted (Book 1 in the series) sail the reefs of Belize and escape the clutches of criminals on a motorcycle chase. In Entangled, (Book 2), Tobin and Cara find themselves high in the jungles of Panama, considering a very long drop down a waterfall — their only chance at escape. Windswept (Book 3) is set in Bonaire where Mia and Ryan plan on a quiet week of great scuba diving…until the boat next to them explodes. There are quiet moments, too, as well as regrets, hopes, and second chances – not to mention steamy love scenes along the way. You’ll love joining these characters for fun, adventure, and romance! (More here, here, and here!)

If you’re wondering if this new series is really for you, I understand. Because I know how it is: some readers dive right into a new series, while others like to test the shallow end of the pool first. But everyone loves a deal, and I have two coming your way to help you test out this series for yourself. The first is a FREE SHORT STORY called Off the Charts. That’s the prequel to the Serendipity series, and if you subscribe to my newsletter, the story is all yours! I’ll be emailing it to you soon, so keep your eyes open for the link. (New subscribers will automatically get a link once the story publishes next week). Off the Charts is the story of how Seth and Julie meet and the red-hot night that ensues. Admittedly, most of the action takes place between the sheets – but early readers tell me those love scenes are some of the best they’ve seen yet. You’ll have to judge for yourself! Just keep an eye out for the newsletter coming your way soon with the link to the free story.

The second great deal is a ten-author, 99¢ Adventure Romance box set called Romancing the Alpha, with never-before-seen stories from the likes of Zoe York, Ruby Lionsdrake, Anna Hackett, Zara Keane, and other best-selling authors. My contribution to that boxed set is Uncharted, Book 1 of the Serendipity series. In it, Seth and Julie pick up where they left off at the end of Off the Charts and head right into trouble – big trouble! Romancing the Alpha will sell for 99¢ for a limited time only, so grab your copy while you can.

But wait, you say, what about WOLVES? Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing you more from Twin Moon Ranch soon. Right now, I’m working hard to give Tina the happily ever after she so deserves. Her story, Desert Heart, releases this fall, followed by the story of the youngest of the Hawthorne siblings, Carly. I’m also writing a couple of short-to-medium length stories that bring your favorite couples back onto the stage: Ty and Lana, Cody and Heather, Kyle and Stef, and of course Zack and Rae. Several of those stories will debut in 99¢ box sets filled with great authors of paranormal romance. That’s another good reason to make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter – to make sure you don’t miss those great deals as they become available! In the meantime, check out my facebook page for sneak peeks at scenes and characters as they develop.

I know you’ve enjoyed the wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, and this new series will feed your imagination in a similar way, just with a slightly different twist. So check out Off the Charts and the rest of the Serendipity Adventure series and enjoy a new kind of romance!