A Serendipity Adventure Romance

She’s in deep — in love and in trouble.

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Scuba instructor Mia Whitman has traveled to Bonaire to forget, not forgive, the man who broke her heart. But trouble is brewing in this Caribbean island paradise — above and below the waterline. When Mia witnesses a crime, she becomes a target, and even she has to admit that having a Navy SEAL-turned-New-York-cop at her side has its perks. Ryan Hayes has a knack for saving her life and stealing her heart — a tricky combination for a woman on the run. Before Mia can stop herself, she finds herself in deep — in love and in trouble.

A 40,000 word action-adventure romance with adult content.

You can read about the inspiration for this story in the Bonus Materials section of this website, and you can watch a fun BOOK TRAILER with images from the story here.