Paris Rose - FREE audiobook!

Fire Maidens: Billionaires & Bodyguards (Prequel)

Good news! I had a brainwave, and star narrator Kelsey Osborne had a few hours, so boom! In record time, we’ve made a new audiobook! That’s PARIS ROSE, and best of all, I’m making it free! You can download it here FREE. We’re living in crazy times, and I know the value of a mental escape, so this is my gift to you. Happy listening! (By the way, the ebook is also free.)

It’s 1953, and Clara Lambert is a simple country girl determined to start a new life in Paris. So far, so good — she’s found a great job and a great man. But all is not as rosy as it seems in the City of Lights, where warring shifter forces conspire to seize power…

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