Free & bargain AI audiobooks

Exciting news - new FREE & DISCOUNT audio available now! As you probably know, audio is extremely expensive to produce, because great narrators like award-nominated Kelsey Osborne put a lot of time into their work (three to five hours for every hour of finished audio) and use top-rated equipment. And honestly, it’s worth it, because I want your listening experience to be good. However, the flip side of that is that some projects are just not viable to produce in audio.

So, I’ve decided to use AI technology (artificial intelligence) to create audio versions of those handful of projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible to produce. When I tested them with a group of audio fans, most listeners reported how impressed they were by the quality. Of course, nothing can beat a real-life, professional narrator bringing a story to life, so I will continue to work with Kelsey on full-length new releases. However, this technology does allow me to offer you those last few titles in audio now!

For some, audio is just a question of preference. But for the visually impaired, it’s a must, and I’m delighted to make more of my work accessible in this way. So, check out my new audiobooks! Those include the last few titles of the TWIN MOON series that didn’t make it into audio before (see list below), all four books in my SERENDPITY ADVENTURE ROMANCE series, and FREE audio versions of ALL my BONUS scenes for newsletter subscribers (check the most recent newsletter for the links).

All of those can be found on my author direct PayHip store and on Spotify!