New audiobook!

Sherwood Forest Shifters, Book 3

Great news! Tempting the Maiden, Book 3 of my Sherwood Forest Shifters series is now available in audio, narrated by award-nominated Kelsey Osborne and Chris Merlin. True to my commitment to bring you good deals, I’ve set up a limited-time deal only on PayHip for fans to buy it before it goes live in Audible. Let me repeat that: it’s available now for only $9.99 but only on PayHip, because Audible doesn’t allow me to control pricing. It should be available on Audible in a few days, at which time I’ll end the PayHip deal.

If you’re an Audible customer and like using your credits, your best bet is probably to wait for this audiobook to go live there soon. But if you’re not an Audible member or don’t plan on using your credits for this audiobook (6 hours, 42 minutes in length), then this PayHip deal is probably your best bet. Happy listening either way!