2020 - What a year!

Whew! 2020 has been quite a year in lots of ways. I think it’s important to look back and consider plans, goals, and accomplishments, so I’ll do that here, focusing just on the writing/publishing part of my life. And in that sense, I’ll give myself a little pat on the back for getting meeting a lot of my goals.

I wrote 4 books & published 3

Fire Maidens: Portugal

Fire Maidens: Ireland

Fire Maidens: Scotland

Fire Maidens: Venice (to be published Jan. 2021)

& bonus scenes for each

That’s a total of a quarter of a million words!

252,680 to be exact (not counting words I didn’t end up using!)

I published 3 box sets

Fire Maidens, Volume 1

Dragon Passions

Southwest Shifters

I published 4 new audiobooks

Fire Maidens: Portugal

Fire Maidens: Ireland

Fire Maidens: Scotland

Paris Rose (short story)

My work received several awards!

2020 Raven Award - Fire Maidens: Paris - winner “Fantasy Romance”

2020 RONE Award - Fire Maidens: Paris - winner “Best PNR”

2020 RONE Award - Rebel Bear - finalist “Best Audiobook”

I had two series translated into German

Aloha Shifters: Juwelen des Herzens (6 books + 2 audiobooks produced)

Töchter des Feuers (3 published in 2020 with more coming soon!)

I organized several events for authors & readers

Spring 2020 Audio event & giveaway

Fall 2020 Audio event & giveaway

2020 Advent Calendar

All in all, I have a lot to be proud of despite some challenges - and so much to be grateful for!

Best wishes to you & yours in 2021! Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!