FREE for the first time ever!

Sept. 26-28 only - DESERT ROSE is free for the first time ever! Axel is my sweetest, most unusual hero ever, and Beth is great heroine you can relate to. So grab a copy today!

This special deal is part of a huge multi-author promotion I am part of. Actually, there are TWO HUGE SALES going on, so check them both out. Both run from September 28th to 30th.

One is the WOLFPACK RUN with two dozen sensational PNR books discounted for you here, including my own Desert Rose!

The other is the SPRT multi-genre event. You’ll find over 150 romance novels at incredible prices in this sale, and not just PNR! My own Desert Hunt and Uncharted are among the many freebies featured here.

Check both those sales out!

Also, two sales that were scheduled to end recently seem to still be running, so check them out now!

VEILED FANTASIES, my very first travel romance, has been dropped to 99c for a few days only. It’s based on my real-life stranding in Dubai when a volcano erupted in Iceland. So yes, it sounds crazy, but a lot of it is true1 (Too bad I didn’t end up in a hotel room with a hot Swedish hockey player…)

Also, many titles in the huge INSTAFREEBIE event that I mentioned recently are still available, so check that out ASAP! Last I checked, there were over 30 free books here, including my own DESERT HUNT!