Breaking Resolutions - enter and win!

New Year’s is a great time to make resolutions, and the week after – to break them! It’s also your chance to win one of over $375 in gift cards and meet some great new characters - so here goes!

Welcome to the Breaking Headboards & Resolutions Blog Hop, brought to you by the Paranormal Romance Lovers author group. This fun event will tour you through the websites of some of your favorite authors of paranormal romance (as well as some you might not yet have discovered) to see what resolutions their characters are vowing to break, er– I mean, make! I’ve got one from the newest hero to emerge on Twin Moon Ranch (see Desert Rose, releasing January 10th) and my fellow authors have many more. Check out these author websites to find out what Resolutions those sexy Alphas are going to be breaking this year!

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This event runs from January 4th-10th. Have fun and good luck!

Breaking Headboards and Resolutions! Check out who’s next!

PNR Lovers 2.  
Erica Reeder 3.  
Elianne Adams    
Rochelle Paige 5.  
Ellis Leigh 6.  
Rachel Leigh Smith 8.  
Kris Hack 9.  
Michele Bardsley    
Michelle Fox 11.  
Lori Whyte 12.  
Kim Faulks    
Lily Marie 14.  
Ani Gonzalez 15.  
Kara Lockharte    
Ann Gimpel 17.  
Anna Lowe 18.  
Rinelle Grey    
CE Black 20.  
Kristen Strassel 21.  
Crystal Dawn    
J. k. Harper 23.  
Bethany Shaw 24.  
AE Gatta    
Annie Nicholas 26.  
Sylvina Storm 27.  
Patricia D. Eddy    
Kate Rudolph 29.  
Katie DeLong