Bonus material coming soon!

I’ve spent part of the summer creating bonus material for fans of both my Paranormal and Adventure Romance series, and that will be going up on this website soon (look for the tab along the top menu bar). Since I also have a new Twin Moon story coming soon (Desert Wolf 3, releasing August 30th) I figured I’d help fans keep track of all the characters with this cool new family tree / list of characters graphic (click on the image to enlarge). As new stories come out (like Tina’s story, coming later this fall), I’ll update it. Considering my plans for many more stories in the Twin Moon series, the list will grow and grow! I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeves, including characters the books have hinted at so far (remember Stef’s brother, who’s in the army? Just sayin’…) and others you would never have guessed at who will get expanded roles in future books (think of all those other types of shifters who have made cameo appearances so far). If only I could write as quickly as my imagination works!

More coming soon, my friends!