Cover reveal: Alphas on the Prowl!

What do you get when you throw together eleven great authors and the hottest shifters their imaginations could conjure? One of the most sizzling box sets of the year, that’s what: ALPHAS ON THE PROWL. The set releases on April 28th, so mark the date! My contribution (among those of several NY Time and USA Today best-selling authors) is DESERT WOLF 2 and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

DESERT WOLF 2: Nothing has ever scared this big, bad alpha as much as his mate’s pregnancy, especially when their quiet weekend getaway doesn’t go according to plan. A whimsical tale of hope, fear, and undying love.

Yep, Ty and Lana are at it again in this stand-alone short story that’s full of action - the best kind of action, plus a few unexpected surprises that come hurtling out of the desert night. Because even a mated pair has their issues to work out and enemies to conquer. Here’s an excerpt, just for you:

Lana closed her eyes and let the gritty bass she loved so much echo through her bones. Ty would be a great father. Hell, he was already a caring mate. She’d never doubted it. And frankly, she couldn’t wait to see her big, growly mate cuddling a tiny baby in those thick arms.

But that was three months away. Right now, she ought to be more concerned with practical matters. There were groceries to put away. A cabin to air out. A king-sized bed to warm up.

So get to work already! her wolf growled.

Ty seemed to have seized on the same idea in fast-forwarded version, because he had her backed against the truck now, his arms bracketing her sides while he leaned in for a deliciously slow nuzzle. He scraped up and down her cheek with his chin, marking her with his scent. Then he planted a kiss on her lips and followed up with more, each deeper and more possessive than the last. The rumble in his chest grew, and she was pretty sure that jut against her stomach wasn’t the baby shifting. Another minute pressed up against him like that, and she’d be clawing at his shirt.

“I was planning on getting you to bed, you know,” he murmured, right into her ear. Close. Hot.

“Who needs a bed?” She tugged him closer by both sides of his collar and went right back to his lips.

The man smelled of pine and open space and honesty, and it was impossible to get enough. A couple of centuries of her mate wouldn’t be enough. She worked the buttons of his shirt down and smoothed her hands over her favorite acre of hot, hard flesh. Her head was already ringing with a thousand ancient voices, chanting for man and woman to come together as one. She and Ty had always been on fire together, but being pregnant added to the incendiary mix like oil on fire. She was already burrowing into the waistband of his jeans, fumbling with the fly…

And that’s just ONE story among eleven guaranteed scorchers!

Like I said, mark the date for ALPHAS ON THE PROWL: April 28th!

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