In the works for 2015...

January has been busy (a little like October, November, December…!) but it feels great to be inching toward the finish line – release day! Which of course is just another starting line. Here’s a preview of the exciting projects I have in store for 2015. They fall into two categories: paranormal and travel/adventure romance.


I aim to have the first three books in the series out in quick succession (March-April-May), plus a short story that will be free for newsletter subscribers. (Don’t worry – I will only send a newsletter out when I have a new release. No junk mail!) Then two more books to be out by summertime – yep, five books in the series ready for you very soon! I know when I find a series I love, I want more more more, so I want to provide that to my readers, too.

Travel / Adventure Romance: UNCHARTED WATERS and OCEAN FANTASIES

Uncharted Waters is an adventure romance series I’m developing for a summer release. It features two hot brothers, a classic sailboat, a motorcycle, and exciting tropical locales – plus two tough women ready to take each one of the brothers on. Seth meets his match in Book 1, while Tobin has an unexpected reunion with his ex-finance in the jungle of Panama. Think deserted islands, swaying rope bridges, swinging machetes…and of course, a lot of up close and personal….ahem! You’ll see. And because I love sailing and exotic locales, I have Ocean Fantasies, a travel romance set in the South Pacific coming out at about the same time. What would you pick: the voyage you’ve always dreamed of, or a perfectly imperfect man who gets in the way?

if you’re wondering what this looks like for my schedule, here’s the short answer. This weekend, I wrote two chapters in the first of the Uncharted Waters books, put the finishing touches on Desert Moon (Book 1 in the Twin Moon Ranch series), sent Desert Wolf (the short story) to beta readers, traded ideas with my cover artist for three books, and got Desert Blood (Book 2) ready to go to the editor in a couple of days. Whew! I love the variety, though, and hope you’ll enjoy it, too!