Blue Moon Saloon

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Tina Hawthorne has a soft spot for wayward shifters looking for a second chance, and where better to give them a new start than the Blue Moon Saloon, a business owned by the wolves of Twin Moon pack? Bear shifter brothers Simon and Soren Voss are a couple of wounded souls willing to run the saloon, but the last thing they’re expecting is to be paired up with a couple of she-wolves on the run.

This new series features wounded heroes, powerful alphas, more-than-capable heroines, and the spellbinding scenery of high-altitude Arizona – in short, all the elements that have made the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series a fan favorite. There’s some crossover between Twin Moon and Blue Moon Saloon series, so that even as you get to know new characters, you’ll also get glimpses of characters you know and love, including Ty and Tina Hawthorne, Rick Rivera, and Kyle Williams, shifter cop extraordinaire. Both series can be read completely independently of each other, so you can start with either one.

Never fear – the Twin Moon series is far from being finished! It’s just that the wolves you love have some new friends in town, and the adventures continue for one and all.

*Blue Moon Saloon, Book 1: DAMNATION

*Blue Moon Saloon, Book 2: TEMPTATION

*Blue Moon Saloon, Book 3: REDEMPTION

*Blue Moon Saloon, Book 4: SALVATION

*Blue Moon Saloon, Book 5: DECEPTION

*Blue Moon Saloon, Book 6 (holiday story): CELEBRATION

*Books 1, 2, & 3 are also available as part of the BLUE MOON SALOON, Volume 1 box set

*Books 4, 5, & 6 are also available as part of the BLUE MOON SALOON, Volume 2 box set

You can read about the inspiration for this series in the Bonus Materials section of this website, and you can watch a TRAILER with images from the stories here.


It’s been a long, hard couple of months, but the bear and wolf shifters of the Blue Moon Saloon are ready to celebrate their hard-won peace with a few days off. While some couples use the time to relax with breakfast in bed, others head out for small, intimate adventures in the beautiful desert Southwest. A few are still busy stuffing stockings and wrapping presents for little Teddy, the youngest member of the growing new clan. But Teddy won’t be the only Blue Moon baby for long, because Santa has a very special surprise in store — not just for the extended Blue Moon family, but for the wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, too!

Watch the video trailer here!


She-wolf Summer Smith is desperate to make up for a past she can’t deny — and the best way to accomplish that is to take on a deadly mission for her new pack. She’ll sacrifice anything to clear her name and protect the people she loves. With the future of shifters across the Southwest resting in her hands, it’s the worst possible time to fall in love — with a bear shifter, no less.

Bear shifter Drew Kovacs hasn’t traveled to the Southwest to look for trouble, and he sure isn’t looking for love. But the second he lays eyes on the she-wolf with the mesmerizing smile and haunted eyes, he knows she’s the one. There’s just one problem — Summer is about to plunge headfirst into danger, and he sure as hell won’t let her go alone. But he can’t risk blowing her undercover mission, either. Unless…

Blue Moon muffin recipe!

  • Posted on: 25 August 2016
  • By: Anna

In Damnation (Blue Moon Saloon, Book 1), Jessica makes raspberry-chocolate muffins that Simon drools over. That’s actually a recipe I’ve been using for a while. Why don’t you give it a try? You can use different types of berries (raspberry is Simon’s favorite) and try it with or without chocolate chips. Enjoy!


Anna Boone won’t give up the search for her cousin, Sarah, who everyone assumes dead. And she refuses to give up on the wounded bear found next to the ashes of her cousin’s house. There’s something deep in his eyes and in his soul she just can’t resist. Something special. Something…human, almost. When her search for the truth leads her to the Blue Moon Saloon, Anna finds more than she ever bargained for — and unwittingly leads a deadly foe to those she loves most.

SALVATION is a paranormal romance with adult content. It is available as a single title or as part of the three-book bundle, BLUE MOON SALOON, Volume 2. It is also available in audio.

I’m really proud of this book, which is based on a true story. You can read about that in this “behind the scenes” post.