A Serendipity Adventure Romance

Trapped — and the clock is ticking.

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Cara Leoni hasn’t hiked into a mountaintop village in Panama to experience the rainforest; she came to seal a business agreement. Everything depends on this deal: her job, her future, her pride. What she didn’t know was that the competition already wrangled its own arrangement with the local chief. Now she’s trapped, the clock is ticking, and her only hope is the one man she’s vowed to never trust again.

Tobin Cooper thought he was in for a couple of laid-back weeks on the beaches of Panama, but before he knows it, he’s racing into the wild side on a rusty old motorcycle. Venomous snakes, poison darts, and greedy drug runners aren’t half as frightening as the thought of facing his ex-fiancée again. The odds of an epic fail are ninety-nine to one, but hell, his whole life had been lived in that one percent zone. Time is running out, and if they’re going to escape alive, they must rebuild trust, one kiss at a time.

A 30,000 word action-adventure romance with adult content.

You can read about the inspiration for this story in the Bonus Materials section of this website, and you can watch an evocative BOOK TRAILER with images from the story here.