Lure of the Fox

Aloha Shifters - Jewels of the Heart: Book 6

After years of military service, desert fox shifter Ella Kitt is content to settle back into civilian life with her new job as security guard and private eye. But when her closest friends and Special Forces comrades send out a call for help, she responds. After all, she’s a woman of duty and honor - not to mention deep passions. Those, she keeps hidden - at least until she arrives on Maui and runs into the last man she expected to see - a human totally off-limits to shifters of her kind. Then it’s a fight to contain her inner fox, who’s determined to pursue her destined mate at any price.

Meanwhile, a bitter enemy is creeping closer to those she loves, and the last of the legendary Spirit Stones remains at large - a potentially lethal force she can’t allow to fall into enemy hands. It’s definitely not the time for a self-respecting she-fox to get all hot and bothered by a man - not even scorching hot army hero, Jake McBride.

Lure of the Fox will be available early January, 2018, but since I haven’t locked the date in yet (holidays are holidays, after all), I decided to give myself some leeway with the release date for now. Rest assured that you won’t have to wait long for all the passion, action, and romance of Lure of the Fox!