Happily Mated After, A Rose in Bloom, & A New Leaf

Bonus scenes to Desert Heart, Desert Rose, & Desert Roots

These bonus scenes are EXCLUSIVELY available as part of the Twice Upon a Desert Moon box set, a three-book collection that will save you $$ over the price of three individual books! It matches Books 4, 5, and 6 of the Twin Moon Ranch series with a special bonus scene for each.

HAPPILY MATED AFTER (bonus scene to Desert Heart): It wasn’t too long ago that Tina Hawthorne was desperately fighting her attraction to Rick Rivera, the irresistible human who could never, ever be her mate. When a hellish foe nearly claimed Rick’s life, everything she held dear stood a hairsbreadth away from a nightmarish end. Now, months after Tina and Rick conquered the odds, they find themselves with one final obstacle to happily “furever” after as a mated pair.

A ROSE IN BLOOM (bonus scene to Desert Rose): Shapeshifter Beth Carter is enjoying her new life as a happily mated wolf, but something’s got her inner beast all riled up. She’s itchy, cranky, and desperate for her mate. Where, oh where, can her wereboar be?

A NEW LEAF (bonus scene to Desert Roots): Luke and Carly didn’t expect their new lives at North Ridge to be a walk in the park but there’s one surprise waiting in Colorado they didn’t expect…

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