Gambling on Trouble

A Prequel to Shifters in Vegas

A dangerous combination…

A she-dragon with a heist to plan. A bear shifter with a casino to guard. A dangerous combination, even in Las Vegas.

A spooky, sexy story coming to you just in time for Halloween!


She forced herself to back up toward the door, but then he turned and looked at her, and her muscles went on strike again.

Not going anywhere, her dragon pouted. Not leaving my mate.

Not my mate— she started to insist, but then her eyes locked in his.

Deep, dark, chocolate brown eyes that were earnest and surprised. Like a lost puppy’s, desperate to love and be loved, which was crazy, because the man was all muscle and raw power. All alpha.

She cleared her throat sharply, trying to snap back to her senses. That man was no puppy. He was a god damn bear. A grizzly, if she guessed right. A beast that stood way, way up in the food chain. The kind who could tear right through the solid wood of the bar.

Bear shifters were notorious for three things: loyalty, ferocity, and their overly cautious ways. And she didn’t have a cautious bone in her body.

So why are you being so damn flighty now? her dragon complained. Bothered by a single bear?

The bear didn’t bother her. Not one bit. The notion of a mate, though… That terrified her.

Back up to the door and get away, she ordered her legs, but they didn’t even twitch. They forced her to stay there, meeting those soft, bewildered eyes.

If he’d looked at her and oogled, it would have been so, so easy to brush him off. If he’d murmured a lousy pick-up line or started telling her about how many Super Bowls or World Series or Greco-Roman Olympic wrestling medals he’d won, she’d have been out of there in a flash. But he did none of those things. He just looked at her with the same flabbergasted, oh-shit expression she had to have been wearing just then.

Mine, those eyes said. Mate.

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