Gambling on Her Bear

Diamond thief falls for bear shifter security chief. What could possibly go wrong?

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Dragon shifter Karen Proulx is in Vegas to hunt down a diamond, not a mate. But the minute she lays eyes on the brown-eyed bear of her dreams, everything changes.

Bear shifter Tanner Lloyd is a man on a mission to save his home town. He doesn’t have time for a wild ride with the beguiling woman who turns his world upside down — especially one who’s half witch and a mortal enemy of his clan. But how can he resist the call of destiny, the pull of desire?

A zany paranormal romance with adult content — not to mention vampires, showgirls, a card-dealing panther, and much more!

This is the standalone sequel to Gambling on Her Dragon.

You can read the “behind the scenes” post about the making of this story right here: Bonus Materials/Gambling on Her Bear.