Fire Maidens: Venice

Carnival, canals, and cunning enemies… Do you dare enter La Serenissima’s shifter side?

No, lion shifter Tony “Perec” doesn’t go by the name he was born with, nor is he French. And no — he absolutely, positively can’t risk returning to Venice after being framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

But now, a mysterious force is pulling him home, and he just can’t resist. Is it the feeling of a ticking time bomb only he can defuse? Or is it the call of destiny, leading him to his fated mate?

Wetlands ecologist Cara Alari would rather stand knee-deep in mud than dress up for a fancy ball. Still, she promised, so off she goes in a goofy mask and dress. In the course of that crazy, carnival night, a family she loves is imperiled. How can she turn her back in their hour of need?

Still, saving the environment is her thing — not saving lives. Luckily, she’s not the only protection they have. She gets to team up with a hunky lion shifter straight out of her steamiest dreams. The catch? Now she’s risking her heart and her life.

Fire Maidens: Venice - Book 7 in Anna Lowe’s Billionaires & Bodyguards series, coming Winter 2020/2021! Sign up for Anna’s newsletter to make sure you’re notified when it goes live!

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