Desert Wolf: Complete Collection

Four story collection

Friend or Foe / Strangers in the Night / Close Encounters + A Very Close Shave (bonus story!)

All four Desert Wolf stories in one great collection - with an exclusive bonus episode you won’t get anywhere else!

Desert Wolf: the Complete Collection brings you all four short stories that chronicle Ty and Lana’s adventures as a mated couple at a discount price, including:

Desert Wolf 1: Friend or Foe, in which Ty meets Lana’s family - the sworn enemies of his pack.

Desert Wolf 2: Strangers in the Night, in which an overprotective Ty drives pregnant Lana crazy until an unexpected threat races out of the night.

Desert Wolf 3: Chance Encounters, in which Ty stays home with the baby while Lana enjoys girl’s night out and runs straight into a dangerous foe.

Desert Wolf 4: A Very Close Shave, in which Lana helps an overworked Ty unwind in the very best way.

Note: The full-length version of Desert Wolf 4: A Very Close Shave is available EXCLUSIVELY in this collection. You won’t find it anywhere else, not even as a single title!

You can read about the inspiration for these stories in the Bonus Materials section of this website, or click HERE.