Audio BOX SETS - a great deal!

Audio box sets I love making my audiobooks as accessible as possible, and these two box sets are especially good deals. All the titles are also available as singles, but buying the bundle - especially if you have Audible credits - is a phenomenal deal. Check out both Once Upon a Desert Moon and Blue Moon Saloon, Volume 1 to make the most of your Audible credits and enjoy LOADS of gripping audio hours!

  • Once Upon a Desert Moon - 3 books + 3 exclusive bonus scenes from the Twin Moon series! Including: Desert Moon, Desert Blood, Desert Fate plus one bonus scene for each: Spring Hollow, Hot-Blooded Desert Nights, and A Desert Valentine.
  • Blue Moon Saloon, Volume 1 - including 3 books from the Blue Moon Saloon series: Damnation, Temptation, and Redemption.

Each story is action-packed and heart-wrenching. The narrator is good at separating the characters and draws you into the story. I enjoyed each story and felt the tensity of the action. - Earth Dragon Reviews on Blue Moon Saloon, Volume 1.